Friday, October 24, 2014

Farmers From Across Illinois To Serve on Agenda Setting Committee

Tom Cross - candidate for Illinois Treasurer announced this week the formation of his 'Agricultural Advisory Committee' that included membership from farmers around the State of Illinois.  Cross said that the committee will help set the 'Ag Agenda' for the Illinois Treasurer's office and is a big step for the Ag community around Illinois.

Cross has made accountability and balanced budgets a big part of his platform for Treasurer and his outreach to farmers - by farmers- in Illinois is a strong sign to Southern Illinois of his commitment to their communities.

To learn more about the Ag Advisory Committee or Tom Cross, visit his website at:

From Tom Cross' campaign site come these details:
The Cross Agricultural Advisory Committee includes:
  • Chairman Philip Nelson, LaSalle County, Grain and Livestock
  • Mike Martz, DeKalb County, Beef Producer
  • David Uhlman, Tazewell County, Grain 
  • Eldon Gould, Kane County, Grain and Livestock
  • Keith Mussman, Kankakee, Egg Producer
  • George Obernagel, Monroe County, Farmer
  • Troy Uphoff, Shelby County, Grain and Livestock
  • Kent Schleich, Fulton County, Beef and Corn
  • Gary Ash, First Farm Credit
  • John Slayton, US Bank of Springfield 
  • Jim Schielein, Lee County, Grain
  • Alan Entwistle, Sangamon County, Grain and Livestock
  • Brian Duncan, Ogle County, Pork and Grain
  • John Kellogg, Kendall County, Grain
  • Marty Schwartz, Kendall County, Pork
Philip Nelson, Chairman of the Cross Agricultural Advisory Committee, said input from farmers and those involved in the agricultural industry is critical to good policy development. 
“Tom Cross has always worked hard on behalf of Illinois’ agricultural industry, fighting hard in Springfield for lower taxes and less regulation and red tape,” said Nelson. “Forming a Agricultural Advisory Committee reflects Tom’s commitment to work with farmers to develop good policy and achieve meaningful results for one of Illinois largest economic drivers—Agriculture.”
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