Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Former Head of Quinn's Scandal-Plagued NRI Will Actually Show Up!?!

Photo via the Sun-Times
Well, well, well.  Things are certainly looking like they'll get interesting at the October 8th legislative hearing on Governor Quinn's scandal-plagued NRI slush fund program.  The top dog has said she'll be there and is ready to squawk.  
The former head of the state agency Gov. Pat Quinn put in charge of his failed Neighborhood Recovery Initiative anti-violence grant program will answer questions from a legislative panel next week, her lawyer said Tuesday. 
Barbara Shaw, the one-time director of the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority is regarded as a pivotal witness with firsthand knowledge of the preparation and roll-out of the $54.5 million grant program that is now under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in Springfield and Chicago. 
“We’re prepared to respond to the questions that are asked of her,” Shaw’s attorney, John Theis, told Early & Often, the Chicago Sun-Times’ political portal. 
“Naturally, it’s always a concern when people are out there, and there’s an active investigation, but Barbara won’t be asserting any 5th Amendment privilege,” Theis said.
There's no doubt that the Republicans in Illinois - MY Party - can use this as a big opportunity to lead. But...let's focus on the important pieces and not make this a partisan witch hunt, guys.

Focus on the money.  The lost, squandered, wasted taxpayer money.  Please?
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