Friday, October 3, 2014

"Good Guy" Andrew Proctor Set To Run Against 'Creepy' Alderman in Springfield

You likely (by now) have heard the tale of 5th Ward Springfield Alderman Sam Cahnman and how some say he used 'grape bombs' to lure a woman back to his 'lair'.  Oh...what's that?  You haven't?  Well, our guest.  Read the full details here:  Grape Bombs, A Stabbin' Cabin and Hardball: The Alderman Sam Cahnman Story.

Well...voters in Springfield - and particularly in the Fifth Ward - now have a choice.  (Grape Bombs not withstanding....) They can continue to support the so-called 'creepy ole' Sam' and his past run-ins with the law or they can look to learn more about the alternative:  Andrew Proctor.

Proctor, announced this week that he's running to take on Cahnman as the Alderman in the 5th Ward in Springfield:
Enos Park resident Andrew Proctor announced Tuesday he’s aiming to unseat Ward 5 Ald. Sam Cahnman next year. 
Proctor, director of advocacy for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, sees himself as a better voice for the ward in its entirety, not just “a small part of it,” he said. 
“He’s had eight years at city council,” Proctor said of Cahnman. “I don’t see what he’s done to improve the lives for neighbors aside from what the neighborhood associations have done.” 
In Proctor’s mind, the biggest issues facing Ward 5, which encompasses much of the downtown area, include criminal activity, unregulated “transitional” housing for inmates and infrastructure in the older part of the city. Proctor said he’s done some research into how other cities have handled issues with transitional housing, and he would likely push for proximity limits from parks and schools, as well as annual city licensing. 
In his announcement, Proctor also emphasized the need for cracking down on absentee landlords and a continued focus on abandoned properties. 
Proctor further sees a need for a city planner and a long-term comprehensive plan for Springfield, rather than what he sees now as a somewhat “scattered” approach to economic development.
 We dunno about you, but Proctor sounds like a HUGE improvement over Cahnman?

Get connected to Andrew's campaign by visiting his Facebook page and 'liking' him today.
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