Monday, September 17, 2012

Julie Eggers on Illinois Insurance, Pensions

State Representative Candidate Julie Bigham Eggers laid out her 'no perks plan' where she has signed a pledge stating that if elected to the Statehouse, she'd refuse the taxpayer-funded pension and healthcare program that all Illinois State Representatives and State Senators receive.  She went a bit further and even said she'd refuse the salary.

Then, she pressed her opponent Jerry Costello Jr. to do the same thing.
“The State of Illinois is broke and in desperate need of repair. Illinois’ deficit is $43.8 billion. Illinois’ pension debt is $83 billion. $126 billion – That’s how much Illinois is in debt thanks to our elected officials at our state capitol. Illinois legislators haven’t earned nor deserve the lavish Pension and Cadillac healthcare benefits paid for by the taxpayers. By signing this pledge, I will refuse to accept any taxpayer funded pension and healthcare benefits." 
“The state is broke and we cannot afford benefits like these for elected officials,” said Julie Bigham Eggers. “I will also refuse the part-time salary of $67,836 offered to me if elected State Representative. I ask my opponent Jerry Costello II (A.K.A Jerry Costello Jr.) to join me in signing the ‘No Perks Pledge’ to refuse to accept any taxpayer funded pension and healthcare benefits. I await his response.”
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