Tuesday, September 18, 2012

$117M Down the Drain Because of Pat Quinn?

If the State of Illinois is doing so poorly in terms of financial position, why are we wasting $117M because of inaction?  Seems Governor Pat Quinn hasn't taken action quick enough to figure out who *should* be getting Medicaid and who *shouldn't*.  The legislature passed a measure that would take away state health care from people in Illinois who aren't eligible.  And thus...shouldn't be getting it.   By making sure only the right folks are getting Medicaid, that leads to savings.

In fact, the budget in Illinois is based on a bunch of these little 'savings'.  The only way we get back some of that $80+ billion in debt is $100 million at a time.   The plan details are here on the House GOP governmental page.

Too bad Pat Quinn couldn't take time away from practicing his DNC speech for President Obama that he couldn't get his administration to act faster.
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