Monday, October 14, 2013

Bob Grogan for Treasurer: Stuffing the Bank Account (Temporarily)

Rich Miller in Capitol Fax writes that Illinois Treasurer candidate Bob Grogan has been inflating his own campaign bank account for many a year and he's at it again.  (If you haven't subscribed to Cap Fax, you should right now.  Go click here to subscribe.)
PUMP IT UP Republican state treasurer candidate Bob Grogan hasn’t reported raising much money in large contributions this past quarter, but he did loan his campaign $50,000. That might usually be a sign that he’s willing to spend some of his own cash in his GOP primary battle against Rep. Tom Cross, but then again, maybe not. Grogan has often appeared to use loans to temporarily inflate his bank account. Grogan is the DuPage County Auditor.Since 2007, Grogan’s campaign has spent a total of $92,000, but most of that, $78,000, was used to pay back his own loans to himself, often not long after he loaned his campaign the money.But without those loans, he wouldn’t have had much to campaign on. Grogan has reported raising a grand total of $186K since 2007, according to a search of the State Board of Elections’ website, but $156K of that was via loans, mostly to himself.
This guy wants to the be Treasurer of the State of Illinois?  Sounds a lot like what that woman out in Dixon was doing.  Playing "Where's Waldo" with the money?
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