Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bruce Rauner (Mr. Anti-Union) Gets Anti-Union Endorsement from the Builders and Contractors

Contractors for Free Enterprise, the political action affiliate of The Associated Builders & Contractors Illinois Chapter, an organization of 400 companies involved in the commercial and industrial construction markets in Illinois, has announced its endorsement of Bruce Rauner for Governor.

What's surprising about that? Bruce Rauner has 'declared war' on unions. A small point being, he's 'declared war' on Government Unions, but unions none-the-less.

The endorsement is ALL ABOUT JOBS and the Anti-Union made that clear in their announcement.
“ABC is excited to endorse Bruce Rauner for Governor,” said ABC Illinois President Alicia Martin. “Bruce Rauner has demonstrated an understanding of how state government impacts the economic well-being of ABC members and the economic competiveness of our state,” Martin explained. “The election of Bruce Rauner is important to making sure that Illinois turns the corner to attracting and creating Illinois jobs.”
Rauner has a CLEAR advantage over Dillard and Rutherford in being able to talk about jobs that he *actually* created.  Bill Brady, the home developer can talk jobs, but let's be honest...he's just not as successful as Bruce Rauner was, right?

But...in terms of campaign organization, what does this mean?  Bodies to hit the streets?  Locations for yard signs?  Donations from builders and contractors?  I think the group would have you believe that all of the above are on their way to the Bruce Rauner campaign.  Only time will tell when the financial disclosure docs come out next quarter.

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