Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bruce Rauner Wins Palatine Township GOP Endorsement

Last night, the Palatine Township GOP organization endorsed Bruce Rauner in the Governor's race.  Significant because Palatine Township is in Cook County but also because Rauner absolutely STOMPED everybody in this race.  It was interesting to see it play out over Twitter last night.

First, Senator Kirk Dillard tweeted about the "Huge Crowd" at 10:13 PM.

Then...just a minute later Bruce Rauner tweeted this:
Funny the timing on that, isn't it?  Guessing the news came out right then and both campaigns had tweets tee'd up.  Dillard's guys had to change the copy to talk about the crowd.

The final results show Bruce Rauner dominated.  Dillard, who showed up (based on Twitter) didn't even finish second.  That was Dan Rutherford.  Who...we can't tell if was even there.

Final results

Bill Brady – 4%
Kirk Dillard – 11%
Bruce Rauner – 65%
Dan Rutherford – 20%
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