Friday, November 22, 2013

Poll: Tom Cross Leading Bob Grogan for Illinois Treasurer By Large Margin

Battleground Polling is out with a memo this morning filled with results from their latest poll of Illinois voters.  While there are a large amount of undecideds in the race for the GOP Nomination for Illinois Treasurer, Battleground Polling found that Former Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross has a commanding lead among all voters.  He has more than 2x the support and is leading 27% to just 13% for Bob Grogan.  And, Tom Cross' lead amongst the hard core "Tea Party" members is even bigger.  From the memo:
Undecided voters also are leading the way in the contest for the Republican nomination for State Treasurer, with 60% of voters still undecided. Of voters who have made a decision, former House Minority Leader Tom Cross is opening up a lead over Dupage County Auditor Bob Grogan, with Mr. Cross earning the support of 27% of voters, and Mr. Grogan earning the support of 13% of voters. 
“Certainly, Tom Cross is in a solid position as we move into the winter campaign season,” said Cook. “But, with 60% of voters still undecided, Bob Grogan still has room to pick up more support as the campaign moves into full swing.” 
Among Tea Party members, Tom Cross expands his lead over Bob Grogan to 31% to 9%.
The full results of the poll can be found here.
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