Friday, November 22, 2013

Dold, Shilling, Senger, Bost Announced by NRCC "Young Guns" Program

Yesterday, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced their first round of ‘On the Radar’ candidates ahead of the 2014 elections. The Young Guns program supports and mentors challenger and open-seat candidates in races across the country.

This 'On the Radar' stage is the 1st round.  Think of it like American Idol.  You can see the process laid out on the site.

From the press release:
“These 36 candidates all provide a stark contrast to their liberal opponents, whose support of ObamaCare and this Administration’s big-government, job-destroying agenda has taken a toll on the American people,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR). “With ObamaCare’s bad policies and botched rollout affecting families across our nation, and our country diving deeper into debt each and every day, it’s time to bring real change backed by conservative principles and priorities to Washington. I am confident that these candidates will continue to work hard for their communities and their campaigns as we head into the 2014 election year.”
This is particularly good news for Darlene Senger.  She's running in a contested primary for the Illinois 11th Congressional District, but getting this nod says that she has the organization in place and is doing everything right in terms of moving her campaign in the right direction.  The advise/counsel part of this is invaluable and Darlene Senger getting this recognition is going to help her fundraising, we would think.   Illinois Review covers the Senger angle and gets Katie Prill of the NRCC to discuss the Senger race in particular.

At the end of the day, Darlene Senger has (what appears to be) the support of the program.  See her "page" here on their site.    We don't see Burt Miller or Chris Balkema up there...

Bruce Dold and Bobby Shilling are both on the "Former Member" list, so they appear to be on a different track.   We'll be watching them and their campaigns closer this Spring.
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