Monday, November 25, 2013

Jim Oberweis is "In" for US Senate. Let's Hope He's Sane This Time

3rd times the charm, right?  State Senator Jim Oberweis announced he's running for US Senate (again), but this time with what appears to be a little bit of a softer Jim Oberweis.  He's admitting to past mistakes and talks about bi-partisanship.

That's easy to do in an announcement video.  It is a lot harder once a consultant convinces you to get up in a chopper and fly over Solider Field, isn't it, Jim?

He's pushing hard to position himself against Dick Durbin.  But, first he has to beat a Doug Truax in the primary.  They're both reading from the same anti-Durbin playbook.

We here at the Truth Team aren't sure quite yet who we think is best, but what we do know is that having someone 'sane' at the top of the ballot is going to serve everyone better come next November.

The Chicago Tribune is running a series of pieces about wealthy businessman Bruce Rauner and his many multi-million-dollar homes across the country.  Saying...he's campaigning as a guy who understands budgeting, while at the same time living this lavish lifestyle.

Certainly, some folks are going to latch on to this.  Some conservatives will point to Dillard or Brady or Rutherford being 'more like us'.  That's the Sarah Palin mentality.  For some reason, she (along with LOTS of other Tea Party folks) have decided that they don't like "elites".  They point out that these "elites" have big Ivy League degrees and these houses all around the country.

Well, guess what folks?  We want our leaders  (That means President, but also Governor) to be an elite!  That's right...we said it.  The job of leading our state is tough and demanding.  We want someone who's up to the challenge.

Jim Oberweis is a very successful businessman, too.  Let's not hold that against him.

Unless he goes anywhere near a helicopter.

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