Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kirk Dillard 2014: The Hard-Core Conservative. For Now. (We hope.)

Tom Kacich, over at the Champaign News-Gazette has a story up titled:  Dillard's Positions Take Hard Right Turn.

(BTW...Tom is on Twitter.   Go follow him here.)

In it, he documents how Dillard was viewed as the moderate in the race back when he ran in 2010 has talked-the-Conservative-talk this time around.
Dillard is a state senator from Hinsdale and a disciple of former Gov. Jim Edgar. But unlike Edgar, his gubernatorial campaign has taken a hard right turn this year, and he spoke out Wednesday against gay marriage, gun control and welfare spending.

Rich Miller at CapitolFax also posted on Kirk Dillard's stop this week at a place called "Guns Save Lives" calling it "Not exactly a moderate, centrist group."  Here's the tweet of Senator Kirk Dillard at the event.

All this begs the question of what, exactly will happen when (and if) Kirk Dillard actually wins the primary?  He recently picked up the endorsement of the DuPage GOP - the largest GOP County in Illinois - so winning this thing isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Are all of us in the suburbs, who want to get rid of Pat Quinn and the Chicago Democrats just going to forget that he acted crazy *just to win the primary*?

That he was so focused on the tea party triumvirate of guns, gays, and abortions?

Is Kirk Dillard going to change his tune if he wins the primary?

I hope so.  I know you have to do what you have to do to win in politics, so I'm hoping (for once) that Kirk Dillard is doing what he needs to do to win in March.  When (if?) he does, he'll come back to being a normal person who is like the guy he worked for back in the day.  Who was that again?  I can't quite seem to remember....Dillard says it almost every day...but I can't quite seem to remember?  Jim Edgar?  Oh...that's right!
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