Thursday, November 14, 2013

Darlene Senger Calls Obamacare Enrollment: "A Vivid Demonstration of Failure", Launches

Republican Candidate for Congress in Illinois, Darlene Senger, came out swinging yesterday on Obamacare and the enrollment numbers in Illinois.  She criticized the very low enrollment numbers and is demanding some transparency around the program.
“Illinois has spent over $25 million on top of the federal government’s multi-million dollar website, to enroll the hundreds of thousands of eligible citizens into the Affordable Care Act--but the situation is going from bad to worse. Illinois taxpayers are getting fleeced while people who need health care coverage cannot access it and people who have health care coverage are losing it. Washington needs to consider immediately delaying the individual mandate and disclosing the true impact and costs of ACA, specifically why so many Illinois families are losing their coverage. We are witnessing a vivid demonstration of failure that is truly impacting people’s access to quality healthcare.”
Emphasis, mine.  That's quite a line.

She's also putting her money where he mouth is and has launched - a platform for concerned voters in Illinois to have their voice heard.  She's asking voters to sign her petition - which she'll deliver to the President, the Governor, Members of Congress, and Members of the Illinois General Assembly.  
We, the undersigned, demand transparency in the Affordable Care Act in Illinois and in Washington and demand action against its harmful effects.

One thing has become clear to everyone, Obamacare isn’t working, people who need health care can’t get it and people who have health care are losing it
We were promised that we could keep our insurance and our doctors if we wanted to, but that is clearly not true.
The federal government has not been able to meet deadlines or protect against fraud, and is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a website that has failed to work.

I demand full disclosure of the impact this failed program has had on Illinois citizens including the number of policy cancellations, and demand a delay of the individual mandate until Obamacare lives up to the President’s promises.

We deserve better and want action NOW!
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