Monday, November 25, 2013

Rep. Mike McAuliffe Draws Primary. What are we doing, Republicans?

Image from Illinois Review
The Illinois Review has a story about regarding how State Representative MichaelMcAuliffe has drawn a primary challenge from Michael Yorty.  What in the world is happening here?  Something nefarious from the Illinois Democrats and games from Speaker Mike Madigan?

Or is this Yorty guy legitimate?  If so, we really need to have a talk, Mr. Yorty.  This is exactly the wrong move if we want the Illinois Republican Party to survive.  As the Illinois Review points out, Representative Mike McAuliffe is the LONE State Representative who sits on the Republican side from Chicago.  Read that again.  He's the ONLY one.  From the biggest city in our state.

And...he's getting a primary challenge?  Illinois Review says that "Most certainly Michael Yorty of Schiller Park expects to have the petition signatures examined, if not challenged."

His petitions aren't the only thing that needs examining.  We here at the Illinois Truth Team offer up a free 'head examination' for Mr. Yorty.  Just let us know the time/place.
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