Monday, November 25, 2013

Bob Grogan for Illinois Treasurer: Conflict of Interest on DuPage Endorsements?

Rut-Roh.  We here at the Illinois Truth Team think there's trouble abound at the Bob Grogan for Illinois Treasurer's campaign.  Rich Miller from Capitol Fax points out something troubling about where Bob is getting his support from in DuPage County:

Grogan, by the way, loves to trumpet the fact that he’s a “certified fraud examiner.” From the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner’s code of ethics… 
A Certified Fraud Examiner shall not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct, or any activity which would constitute a conflict of interest. [Emphasis added.] 
But if you look at Grogan’s endorsement list, you’ll see that the vast majority are officials whom Grogan audits. 
Conflict perhaps?

Here's a screenshot of the post from CapitolFax:

That seems to jive a bit with this Tweet from "Super Abe".

Is Bob Grogan 'leaning' on DuPage County elected officials in his bid for Treasurer?  Seems interesting to us that the DuPage County State's Attorney, Treasurer, Recorder, County Clerk, Circuit Court Clerk, and President of the DuPage Forest Preserve all are backing Grogan against Tom Cross.

Seems like Bob Grogan, CPA has some explaining.  Probably best to (for now, at least) change that name tag to be "Bob Grogan, CYA" until you get this figured out, Bob.

( case you were wondering....we're absolutely homers for Tom Cross.  No hiding that.  We believe in him and think he'll make a great State Treasurer.  We also are supporting other GOP Candidates up and down the ballot.  If we haven't talked about you, tell us your story.
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