Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rep. Ron Sandack: It's Time

State Representative Ron Sandack, who is facing an unfortunate GOP Primary in his 2014 bid for re-election sent out an newsletter (and posted on FB) that is called "It's time".  In it, he details the pressing needs to turn around Illinois.
It’s time to roll back the midnight tax increase of a few years ago, because we can already see the devastating effect these tax increases have had on families and businesses. It has reduced productivity, tremendously burdened families, and cost our State thousands of jobs. 
It’s time to make things even-handed and far simpler so that we can grow our economy, create jobs and offer opportunities for families and businesses to prosper. 
It’s time we finally address pension reform, boldly. This means all must sacrifice in some way to rebuild and revitalize Illinois. 
It’s time to stop spending what we don’t have. We must learn to prioritize, spend only what we have and begin to do what all families and businesses do: live within our means. 
It’s time we change state government by implementing term limits, instituting an Office of the Repealer and reduce the size, scope, expense and expanse of state government. The burden of governing cannot become a millstone around the necks of the governed.
He also is positioning himself as a Maverick by touting that he was the first State Representative to decline all the state pension and health care benefits that are eligible to Legislators.

And what else did he do? He took a politically risky, but brave vote on Gay Marriage. And...this primary is frankly ALL about *that* vote. Shame that he took Senator Mark Kirk's advice and there are some in the ILGOP who think he made the wrong move.  We're hoping Senator Mark Kirk has Sandack's "back" here.

We here at the Illinois Truth Team truly believe in the Big Tent. And...we are going to stand by Ron Sandack in his race. He just launched his new site. If you have a moment, go on over there and check it out. If you are a supporter of Marriage Equity, then you owe it to yourself to support him, too.
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