Monday, December 2, 2013

Dem Watch: Will Sheila Simon Get on the Ballot?

Rich Miller at CapFax points out that as of this am, current Lt. Governor and Illinois Comptroller (supposed?) candidate Sheila Simon has NOT submitted her petitions.

We experienced her problem first hand late last week.  As we were hustling home for the Thanksgiving holiday, a guy standing in Olgivie Metra Station asked us if we could sign a petition.  Being politically-minded, I always enjoy finding out which candidate they're asking for.

Turns out, it was for Sheila Simon.  I passed on signing, but as I walked by, I turned around to watch for a minute or two.  The guy (likely with a patronage job) was turned down by like 10 more people right after me.  She's in a tough spot if they're trying to get people to sign on the WAY HOME at the Train Station.  If most people are like me, that's not a great spot.  I'm rushing to just try to make my train.  Don't have much time for stopping to sign.

Good luck to Sheila's organization.  Would love to see Judy Baar Topinka get a pass, so she can get out and drum up support for the rest of the ILGOP ticket.
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