Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Adam Kinzinger Didn't Stand with Nutjob Cruz. His punishment? A primary.

According to the fine folks over at Illinois Review, Congressman Adam Kinzinger is getting a primary challenge from the Tea Party.  They've put up a guy named David Hale - who looks weirdly comical in this photo (below) to run against him because (from what we here at the Truth Team can gather) Kinzinger didn't support nutjob Ted Cruz and his prattling on around Obamacare.

On his site, he invokes what likely is the Tea Party Holy Trinity of Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Ronald Reagan.  (are the tea party faithful fainting at the mention of all three?!?!  Isn't it like Ghostbusters?  You aren't supposed to cross the Ryan/Paul/Reagan streams?!?!?!):
"My first rule as a Congressman...practice the Paul Ryan approach to government. Steady, planned, strategic. (Process) My second rule as a Congressman...apply the policies of Rand Paul. Clear, conservative, responsible. (Policy) My third rule as a Congressman...honor the Reagan approach to the other side. Humor, strength, grace. (Polity) My fourth rule as a Congressman...never run from, shrink from or abandon the Tea Party message or principals. (Principal)
Come on now, folks.  Going after Adam Kinzinger?  Because he thinks the crazies in the GOP are actually that:  crazy?  And because he worked to get things done via compromise?  We all can only be so lucky to have representatives in government who will work with colleagues across the aisle to accomplish things for the betterment of our country and state.

We're with Kinzinger in this one.
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