Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Democrat Mike Frerichs and "Great" Turnouts

We're thinking that someone might need to help Democrat Candidate for Treasurer Mike Frerichs understand what "great" means when it comes to turning out people.  You'll recall that earlier this month, he took to Facebook to boast about his "great crowd" that appeared to only have about six in total numbers.  Yesterday, he took to the Twitters to crow about an event he hosted in Aurora.  8 people.  Eight.

Listen...we sympathize with the need to churn out content for social channels.  But...lets call things the way they are:  great?  Really?

We suppose this is good news for the GOP.  His campaign's ability to gauge turnout numbers doesn't bode well for his operation on Election Day.  Hopefully, his turnout that day will be "great", too!
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