Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You're a Mean One, Mr. Caprio

Sending out robocalls - which Rich Miller has a copy of you can listen to here - a week before Christmas is, as Rep. Ron Sandack points out, not exactly 'family' material.

Photo from Cal Skinner's dealio

Pardon our French, but who shit in Caprio's Cheerios when he was a kid?  Something *must* have happened to him, right?

This jabroni is on a crusade to make the ILGOP so insignificant and small-minded.  This robocall is him flailing about for relevancy.  Shame to see him waste all his money fighting a guy like Ron Sandack who has done a heckuva job representing his District and needs to be re-elected to Springfield.

The time has come for Republicans to stand up to these bullies who are drawing hard lines as one-issue advocates.  Republicans can and should do better and that starts by beating back Mr. Paul Caprio and supporting Ron Sandack.

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