Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5 Questions for Democrat Mike Frerichs

Democrat and Organized Labor Stooge Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - is rolling out his campaign this week.  As he travels around the State of Illinois touting his credentials, we here at the Illinois Truth Team wanted to make sure he was answering some of the tough questions.  He's #partoftheproblem in Illinois.  NOT the solution.

The ILGOP has released five questions Mike Frerichs, Democrat for Treasurer, needs to answer.  We urge members of the media to #AskMike these questions.

5 Questions for Mike Frerichs 

1. “Since entering office in 2007, 364,000 fewer people are working in Illinois. In fact, even your own family members have moved their business out of Illinois due to the poor business climate. Do you still maintain that raising taxes on small businesses, like you have, is an effective job creation policy?” 
2. “In 2011, you joined with Governor Quinn to raise income taxes by 67%. At the time, you said it would help pay past due bills. Illinois currently has over $7 billion in unpaid bills while at the same time being a regional leader in unemployment. Did your tax increase plan work?” 
3. “Twice over the last few years you voted to raise your pay and that of the Governor and other constitutional officers. During this same period, the state was accruing billions in unpaid bills and struggling to maintain funding levels for education and human services. Why were pay raises for politicians made a priority in your spending plans?” 
4. “In 2010, even Speaker Madigan conceded that the budget was not balanced, even though there is a state constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget. How do you justify supporting that unbalanced budget?” 
5. “During the last fundraising quarter, greater than 50% of your contributions came from public- and private-sector unions and overall have contributed over $270,000 in 2013 alone to your treasurer campaign. How will you avoid conflicts of interest with taxpayers?”

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