Tuesday, January 21, 2014

David Diersen Dreams Big for GOPUSA Illinois

We caught everybody's favorite loveable wingnut/editor David Diersen day dreaming about his mistress - the GOPUSA Illinois daily emails.  In a story this morning, notes that Dave Cantanese sells TheRun2016.com blog to US News & Daily Report and wonders what all the toiling he does each and everyday to put out his email newsletter is worth.

$1 million dollars!  Our advice to David?  Get on the Twitters.  We'd love to get the "Full Diersen" with everything from his choice of breakfast cereals to his displeasure with waiting in line at the Wheaton Jewel.  (Remember...he *is*, a precinct committeeman who believes deeply in ALL of the planks of the ILGOP Platform,  people?!?!)

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