Friday, January 31, 2014

Democrat Will Guzzardi Does an "Ask Me Anything"

Yesterday, Will Guzzardi, candidate for State Representative (he's running against Toni Berrios!) took to the Chicago Sub-Reddit for an "Ask me Anything" where he fielded questions from the Redditors on topics ranging from why he's qualified to the type of boots he prefers to where he gets his pizza.

Will did a pretty good job rolling with some of the questions and speaking to the audience there on Reddit.  There were a few planted questions, but for the most part, it seems like this took on a pretty natural Reddit life.

The strangest part?  He compared what he wants to do in Springfield with the Tea Party.  He "hopes" to emulate the Tea Party tactics when he gets to elected.    Really?  

As for the AMA, we here at the Truth Team have to hand it to candidate Guzzardi.  While we aren't going to vote for him, we applaud him for using the tool to engage with potential voters and perhaps persuade a few, too.

Some other highlights including the most important question about who he'd rather fight:

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