Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Frerichs Campaign Boots Cross for Treasurer Staffer from Kick-off Event. What's he have to hide?

Photo via Sun-Times
In a piece titled: And stay out! Cross campaigner booted from Frerichs Treasurer launch event, Natasha Koreki of the Chicago Sun-Times writes how Democrat Mike Frerichs is apparently too afraid to let 'outsiders' into his kick-off press conference.  

What's Frerichs have to hide?  Maybe he's not quite ready for primetime?  After all, it did take him until NOW to 'officially annouce' his candidacy even though he's been posting like a 19 year old college girl on his Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.  Guessing his snapchat handle is something like: PleaseGuysTakeMeSeriously.

From the S-T story:
If you’re a campaign tracker for the opposition, don’t try to get into a Mike Frerichs press conference. 
The Democrat was announcing his candidacy for State Treasurer this morning in Chicago when a campaign worker for the Tom Cross for Treasurer team showed up.
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