Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tom Cross to Mike Frerichs: Welcome to the Race

As we've covered this morning, Democrat and Public Union Stooge Mike Frerichs is officially entering the race for Illinois Treasurer.  To "Welcome" Mike Frerichs to the race, GOP Candidate Tom Cross issued this statement to Capitol Fax and in email (pictured above).

From Tom Cross:
“The tax and spend policies of Senator Mike Frerichs have made the situation in Illinois go from bad to worse. The unbalanced budgets, reckless spending and record-setting tax increases that Frerichs has been a part of have left our state struggling to meet our most important priorities, including funding our children’s education and ensuring the safety of our communities. The simple truth is Mike Frerichs cannot be part of the solution because he is a big part of the problem. It’s time for a turnaround and that begins with real reforms that honestly balance our budget and crack down on fraud and corruption. I’m ready to get to work for the people of Illinois and fix the failed Frerichs policies.”
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