Monday, January 27, 2014

There's Nothing "Normal" About Assault Weapons

Over on Illinois Review, they've posted a piece about a billboard from Slidefire that posits assault weapons along side apple pie and baseball, saying that those weapons are "just as American".  There have been some complaints about the billboard, but the Illinois State Rifle Association (the local NRA folks) are on the case.  Their press release, which we think IR basically posted verbatim includes a plea from the ISRA that asks supporters to email the billboard company saying they support the billboard.

In the plea, they use specific language:
Write, and in the "Subject Line" please say: "Love your Slidefire sign on I-55," the state rifle association suggests. Contact Slidefire at and use the subject line: "Love your sign on I-55." "Tell Slidefire that you support their efforts to "normalize" lawful firearm ownership by way of the I-55 sign," ISRA says.
They use the phrase "normalize" lawful firearm ownership.  Really?  Making something like that 'normal'?  With that giant assault weapon?  Someone, somewhere in this world who has a brain located in their head thinks that's normal?  Come on, now.  There's NOTHING NORMAL about a normal citizen possessing that kind of weapon.   That's not a hunting weapon nor a self-defense weapon.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is nuts.

If the gun people want to keep pushing their agenda, then that's fine.  But, let's be honest here, folks.  Weapons like the one on that billboard?  Let's stop calling it anything but what it is:  perverse.  The opposite of normal.
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