Friday, January 31, 2014

Rutherford’s Rauner Rumblings

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

It seems that nothing can happen in the race for Governor that doesn’t get blamed on Bruce Rauner. As Bruce said this month, its “beat up on Brucie day” 24/7. Today Dan Rutherford is now blaming Bruce for an internal problem within Dan’s own office. A Rutherford employee has an employment complaint against the Treasurer, Dan alleges that the employee looked to settle for $300,000 through an attorney that has done work with the Rauner campaign in the past. Dan thinks this is an attempt by the Rauner campaign to “destroy” him, maybe he is right...but a quick review of the situation says he is probably not. 

First point, the alleged attorney, Christine Svenson, has done lots of work for Republicans before, including some work for one of Truth Teams favorite Senators, Matt Murphy. So she is not a Rauner exclusive attorney, nor has she done work for the Rauner campaign since July of 2013.  See here for the full list.

Next, Christine is heavily involved in Republican politics, even serving as the 42nd Ward Republican Organization President. It would seem to me that Dan, being a Republican, would have Republican staffers advancing Republican ideas that may have other Republican friends that may know a Republican attorney in Christine Svenson who focuses on employment issues that they would turn to if they had a workplace issue.

The final point is this, who is Dan fooling? 

If this came from Rauner they wouldn’t have the gall to ask for such a pittance as $300,000 to keep quiet. Bruce hasn’t seen that few zeroes after a number since he stopped milking cows. If this was a campaign issue from Rauner,  a suit would have been filed and poof would have been on the front page of the Tribune, or maybe even the Truth Team (ahem, ahem), after they leaked it.

As with any boss, Dan has employees who don’t like him and maybe he crossed the line with someone, or maybe he didn’t. But to blame Rauner for all your problems is amateur. Maybe next week we will see a press conference from Dan on how he thinks the Rauner campaign is taking the safety pins out of his socks causing him to spend more time searching for sock pairs and less time advocating ICash.

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard - our latest "Correspondent"
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