Friday, January 31, 2014

Thanks to the Illinois Review for Including the Truth Team!

If you head over to the Illinois Review - which bills itself as the 'crossroads of the conservative community' - and peek at their right sidebar, you'll see a new news outlet listed under the heading of "State Blogs".   Who has two thumbs that are pointing inward?  Us guys!  *thumbdealie*

Here's what the sidebar looks like.  Seems like a nice spot for us, right?  Tucked right between "Illinois Pay-to-Play" and "Jill Stanek"?  Sounds just right to us...

Thanks to the team over at Illinois Review for recognizing us and including us in the list.  As we pointed out earlier, January has been our most prolific month, but we're expecting to keep up the pace right through the General Election.  We're big admirers of the team at IR and their longevity.  We mean...look at their archives.  They've been publishing since November of 2005.  Coming up on 9 years of content.  Really impressive.

If they're the 'crossroads of the conservative community', we have to come up with a tag line.  Any ideas?

What about:  "Interwebs home for the Illinois political lulz"?  Maybe a bit too 'insider-y'!?!?!?
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