Thursday, January 23, 2014

Senator Matt Murphy on Mike Frerichs and Why He's Wrong for Illinois

Illinois Review has an eye-opening statement from Senator Matt Murphy on Senator Mike Frerichs.  Senator Matt Murphy is a colleague of Senator Mike Frerichs in the Illinois Senate.  He has seen - first hand - how Frerich's operates.  This, it appears, to be Murphy's way to "Welcome" Mike Frerichs to the Treasurer's race.
From the Illinois Review:
Senator Matt Murphy of Palatine said Frerichs has continually taken the path of higher taxes, budget-busting spending and job crushing regulations and fees while serving in the Illinois Senate. That strategy isn't what is needed in Illinois, he said. 
"For Illinois to recover, we need a Treasurer committed to balancing our state budget and working with reform-minded legislators to crack down on fraud and abuse," Murphy said. "That’s why Tom Cross is the right choice for Treasurer and his plans to honestly balance the budget and create a Government Integrity Unit to crack down on fraud and abuse are common-sense ideas our state desperately needs.”
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