Thursday, January 23, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Senator Frerichs: Answer the Phone!

Have you ever tried to get in touch with one of your elected officials to only have them give you "The Heisman"?  They blow you off.  Their admins answer the phone, you ask for a call back and the "public servant" (and we use that term very lightly around here) just doesn't ever make the effort of actually hearing you out?

Well...that's what happened back in 2011 to the owner of Gross Burgers in Vermillion County.  He couldn't get a hold of his elected representative Senator Mike Frerichs.  So he put up a billboard.  That got Mike Frerichs attention.
A Vermilion County businessman wanted to get Senator Mike Frerichs' attention. So he grabbed some letters and headed out to his marquee. 
Brad Gross owns Gross Burgers on Georgetown Road. He says since the state tax increase passed, his customers have been complaining about not being able to reach Senator Frerichs by phone. 
Gross says that's where he got the idea. He thought it was more likely to reach the senator if the message was a little more visible. One side of the marquee says "answer the phone," while the other says "where are you." 
Senator Frerichs says his office has been getting calls about the billboard.
Brad Gross tells us he did get a call back from Frerichs this morning.

And this guy wants to be our latex salesman State Treasurer?
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