Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did Bob Grogan Labels Someone a "Nut Job"?

We were sent this screenshot from a reader who *was* until recently a supporter of Bob Grogan, Republican for Treasurer.  He follows or "likes" Bob on Facebook.   We're not saying Bob called anyone anything.  Just that a reader of the Truth Team was confused enough to send over the screenshot.

Over the weekend, it appears that Bob Grogan went to the movies and saw a movie called "Nut Job".  But...it took us a minute to figure it out.  The reader who sent us this screenshot told us that he thought Grogan had mis-typed something into his public Facebook Wall.  But....we wanted to find out the details.

We had to look up on the internets the fact that there is, indeed, a movie called "Nut Job", because we thought Bob was labeling someone on Facebook a "Nut Job".

A piece of advice, Bob?  Be a bit more careful about 'context' around your Facebook posts.  You don't want folks thinking you're calling them names, do you?

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