Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mike Frerichs' Legislation Stinks

Last week, we first covered Democrat Mike Frerichs and his "diaper tax" proposal and how it was not only bad tax policy, it was also grandstanding.

The story continues to attract attention, but not in a good way.  We're guessing when Senator Mike Frerichs proposed this silly piece of legislation, he likely didn't think he would get so much scrutiny in terms of people calling him out.  

In the Prairie Advocate, they write how Frerichs must just be trying to score political points because otherwise he's way off-base with his proposal:
Not to raise a stink, but State Sen. Mike Frerichs’ legislation that would end the sales tax on diapers just doesn’t pass the smell test. It reeks of political brown-nosing – rather than true tax reform.

...Just consider: Pampers cost $37.49 for a package of 104. Eliminating the state sales tax would save a parent about $2.34.

That’s hardly enough to leave the taxpayers – or their young progeny – cooing with delight. Could it be that the good senator is, um, a little behind?

Instead of targeting one product for a sales tax exemption, how about lowering sales taxes across the board?

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