Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bob Grogan Wants to "Sound the Alarm on Accounting Gimmicks"?

We were quite surprised when we came across this story featuring a discussion between both GOP Treasurer's candidates Tom Cross and Bob Grogan.  In it, Bob Grogan says something we got a chuckle from.

The Alton Daily News has this nugget:
Grogan also says going to court might have unintended consequences, like a judge ordering a tax increase. He says the best thing to do is to sound the alarm on accounting gimmicks, and urge the public to “un-elect people who don’t do their jobs,” he said.
Emphasis, ours.

Is Bob Grogan serious?

Sound the alarm on accounting gimmicks?

Don't mind if we do, Bob.

How about that time you used accounting tricks to puff up your campaign account?  Don't remember that?  This story - where we covered how you 'temporarily' loaned your campaign account $50K...just to make your campaign look good....only to pull the money back a few days later.

Accounting gimmicks?  You know them well.

In fact, your OWN campaign 'accounting gimmicks' have been compared to Enron.  Remember those guys?   We're sure you do.
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