Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carol Marin Unloads on Dan Proft and Keith Matune

We've been mostly silent the past week while the Ron Sandack and Keith Matune fireworks have been going off, but that doesn't mean we weren't paying attention. 

Yesterday in the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the most important voices in Illinois politics for the past few decades chimed in on the Sandack/Matune race and calls what Dan Proft and his stooge Keith Matune are doing by an accurate word:  ugly.

From the Marin piece. she shines a light on who's supporting Keith Matune:
Dan Proft, a dark presence in Illinois politics, likes to pose as a defender of principled conservative values. Values he touts on his WLS-AM radio show and through his Liberty Principles PAC that lends support to political candidates. 
One of those candidates is Keith Matune, a 44-year-old teacher from Downers Grove who is making a GOP primary run against 50-year-old incumbent state Rep. Ron Sandack, the former mayor of that suburb.

But she also digs a bit on Keith Matune and confirms that he's a liar about his deep criminal record.  
It turns out that Keith Matune failed to disclose on questionnaires — including his application to teach in Indian Prairie District 204 — that he had been arrested for passing bad checks, trespassing and public indecency back in 1991 and 1992. 
“To my knowledge, they were all expunged,” Matune told me by phone this week.
They were not.  
When I called the Tippecanoe Records office in Indiana where Matune had been charged with being “in a state of nudity” outside a computer center and trespassing, the clerk told me those charges were decidedly not expunged. “It’s a public record as of now,” she said.

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