Friday, March 21, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn's Distraction Ploy on Illinois Voters

If we're honest with ourselves here at the Truth Team, we will admit that we're easily distracted.  But we're hopeful that the voters in Illinois aren't as susceptible as we are to these distractions.  

Governor Pat Quinn, Speaker Mike Madigan and even Democrat Mike Frerichs - who is running for Illinois Treasurer -  are going to do everything they can to try to get you to not pay attention to what is really going on in Illinois over the next seven months. 

Let's not let that happen.  

From the Chicago Tribune Editorial:
All of us understand why Gov. Pat Quinn and his political brain trust want to change the subject — that is, why they urgently want to distract Illinois voters. We can even sympathize with Team Quinn. When your state is one of only two where unemployment rose last year, when its current jobless rate is America's second-worst, when its creditworthiness is dead last nationwide, when its debts total some $200 billion, when you're the guy who demanded the 67 percent income tax increase ... well, if you don't distract people with an alternative narrative, they're sure to focus on their state's downward mobility. 
So you talk indignantly about nine homes as if you just discovered them — Who knew? As if your opponent, Bruce Rauner, hasn't acknowledged that he's a successful venture capitalist. As if dunk-tank politics will liberate you from the problems on your watch: I'll win if I just get enough people who resent the rich to take out their frustrations on that guy, my opponent. Dunk him!

Hey Look!  Prehistoric Forest.

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