Friday, March 21, 2014

IL Governor Pat Quinn and His Poor Spelling - "Courtesty" of The Illinois Truth Team

Posted by:  The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

As you guys well know by now...We here at the Illinois Truth Team dwell a tad bit on spelling from campaigns Even...perhaps a bit too much. (Seriously...go check out the archives of our posts that chronicle all the spelling mistakes by politicians in Illinois!)

But, let's be honest:  It isn't just spelling errors amuse us, sometimes a really good gaffe or awkward political move excites us just as much as a poorly punctuated politician’s post on Pinterest.

Yesterday we got a treat from Gov. Pat Quinn, but if you didn’t catch it quick it was gone in a flash.

Luckily for you - our dear readers - I will lay out the story line in great detail.

Yesterday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn released what one would describe as a lame web video comparing Bruce Rauner to C. Montgomery Burns, the miserly power plant owner from the Simpsons.

Quinn’s camp made the Truth Team proud with an awesome misspelling that was lost in time (when the video got pulled) but saved in a Capitol Fax comment.  Thank the Lord for mjrothjr!

Then within an hour of posting the video YouTube pulled it because Fox didn’t give Gov. Quinn the “courtesty” of using C. Montgomery Burns after all.

But don’t fret Governor Quinn, the voters aren’t booing you they are just yelling Q, you know for your last name.

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