Thursday, March 27, 2014

Illinois Democrats Unite: Let's Talk About More Taxes, Baby!

Over the course of the past seven days, one thing has become clear:  Illinois Democrats, lead by Governor Pat Quinn, Speaker Mike Madigan, and Senator Mike Frerichs are absolutely possessed by one uniting factor:  the unquenchable need for more taxes.

From the ILGOP where they're calling it the "Democrat Tax Obsession":
In the past week alone, Illinois Democrats announced three separate tax hike proposals to increase the burden on Illinois families. The one common theme: soak the taxpayers. 
“It’s clear that the Democrats have one goal in mind – more government spending ahead of November’s election,” said Jack Dorgan, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. “For the sake of the people who actually have to pay these taxes, the need for Republican balance in Illinois has never been more clear.” 
“Illinois has two paths forward: a government controlled by Democrats that soaks the taxpayers as a first and only option, or electing Republican leaders who believe in truly reforming this broken system,” Dorgan said. “We need to create a business climate that creates good-paying jobs for working families, not simply raise taxes with no thought on the spending side or the impact on jobs.”
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