Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rahm Emanuel's Ashland Avenue Bus Boondoggle

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his administration has put forth a 'Bus Rapid Transit' proposal together for a 16 mile stretch of Ashland Avenue that would turn it from a useuful street for business owners and residents into a bus superhighway.    Their plan removes most left turns and the center turn lane.  

You'd think that the community who lives and works and shops along Ashland Avenue would know better than some beaurocrat down at City Hall about how to improve the transportation options while maintaining their community?  Well, Rahm doesn't think so.  

Fortunately, there is a group of folks from the local community who have put together a program to "Save Ashland Avenue" from Rahm's $200M boondoggle.  They're putting together an alternative proposal that improves mass transit while maintaining the ability to turn left!

Say no to "Bus Rapid Transit" and yes to "Modern Ashland Bus".  
Seems that the group's effort is working.  From the Sun-Times:
Rebekah Scheinfeld says she’s “not up to speed on speed cameras,” but she knows plenty about the furor surrounding the CTA’s $160 million plan to install bus rapid transit lanes along a 16-mile stretch of Ashland Avenue. 
On Monday, the veteran CTA planner chosen by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to become Chicago’s $169,500-a-year transportation commissioner made it clear that she’s listening to those concerns.
“We’re specifically contemplating the possibility of adding more left-turns back into the concept design for the corridor,” Scheinfeld said after the City Council’s Transportation Committee confirmed her appointment.
If you want to get involved, you can go sign their petition or download flyers.  

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