Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry, Cokie. We Still Have One "Yahoo" On The Ballot in Illinois

And her name is Susanne Atanus.  Back in the primary, we called for her to 'go'.

The Sun-Times has a post up on Early & Often that includes video of ABC News Cokie Roberts - who says that the prospects for the Republican Party are much better because we've done a better job of finding better candidates. she put it:
We're 'doing "a much better job" of not electing "yahoos" in congressional primaries.'
You can go check out the video at the Sun-Times here.

The problem?  We still have a yahoo.  In fact, a big one.  Her name is Susanne Atanus.  And she won the Illinois Republican Primary to take on Jan Schakowsky for Congress.  You can see our early coverage of Susanne Atanus here.

We add our voice to the list of folks who have asked her to step down.  Kudos to Jack Dorgan for saying this about Atanus:
The offensive statements by Susanne Atanus have no place in the modern political debate, and she has no place on the ballot as a Republican. Her candidacy is neither supported nor endorsed by the leaders of our party, and she should withdraw from the race immediately.

Now lets do one better.  Let's get active.

Do you agree that Susanne Atanus has to go?  For the good of the Illinois Republican Party and for all of our candidates up and down the ballot, we ask you to sign our petition.  Stand with the Truth Team!

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