Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who Is Kicking Ass in Illinois Politics?

Steve Balich:  Illinois Truth Team "Ass Kicker of the Week"
Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

Plenty of local Republicans are out there working hard, fighting the good fight and not trying to scoop up all the credit. They are good public servants, not because it pays well or they can get their nephew a job for the summer but because they want to do what’s right. These are the Republicans that hit the streets every day, kick some ass, wake up and do it again. And for that we at the Truth Team thank you.

My "Ass Kicker of the Week" (might be month, depends on how much time off I get) is Steve Balich of the always entertaining Will County Board. In a county that gets more purple by the election Steve has been a voice of Republican principles. And by Republican principles I mean that Steve Balich is a go do your own thing type of guy, but just don’t spend my money. And I like that.

Check out this quote about taxing soft drinks from Steve;
Will County Board Member Steve Balich, R-Homer Glen, argues the move is just another ploy to raise taxes and that it hardly fixes the issue of childhood obesity. 
“OK, so they tax us on cigarettes. They tax us on soda. What’s the next thing they’re going to tax us on? The air we breathe?” said Balich, of Homer Glen. “I think it’s stupid.”
How awesome is that! You propose a stupid tax, and guess what, soon be renowned Republican ass-kicker, Steve Balich, is going to call it like it is, STUPID. I want some goof to introduce a tax on air we breathe (I’m looking at you Democrat Mike Frerichs ) just so I can see Steve’s response.

Congratulations Steve Balich you are the Illinois Truth Team Republican "Ass Kicker of the Week" (most likely month, but we will see). Please feel free to use that on future mail pieces or as an excuse to cut in front of the rest of the family at the Thanksgiving Buffett this year. You earned it.

If you have a candidate for Republican Ass Kicker of the Week/Month please send them to us here at the Truth Team. is where you can send them.
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