Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maybe he should try coaching a hockey team instead?

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

The great and all-knowing Bernie Schoenberg at the State Journal Register had an interesting interview with Illinois House candidate Landon Laubhan last week. And let me say this if Bernie’s column is not on your Sunday morning hit list, put it there.

I love state politics, it’s an addiction I just can’t shake. And even if I wanted to, people like Landon Laubhan would draw me back in, and boom, relapse.

So besides having an extremely fun name to say, Landon Laubhan also has two fresh DUIs. And while we here at the Truth Team are not judgers, (not by any stretch, everyone screws up) these DUIs came when was 30 and 33. He is now 33.

Landon Laubhan (try saying it 3 times fast) told Bernie he currently doesn’t have a license but he thought he had a permit. Luckily Bernie was there to teach him the rules of the road;
“HENRY HAUPT, spokesman for the secretary of state’s office, said Laubhan’s license is revoked, and a hearing with the secretary of state is a needed step for him to get a restricted driving permit. 
I told Laubhan this on Friday, and he then found out he qualified for what is called an informal hearing, and did that interview that day.”
In case that isn’t entertaining enough check out this Landon Laubhan quote:
“I weigh 130 pounds soaking wet,” he said. “So one or two beers and boom, you’re over the limit.”
And it doesn’t stop there:
“When you set up roadblocks at midnight to 4 o’clock in the morning … probably 90 percent of the people that come through there have … had a few cocktails,” he said. He said it “seems like kind of an entrapment-type ordeal, if you will.”
Come on Springfield cops, stop being such cake eaters.

So a quick recap, guy with fun name is running for state rep, has two recent DUIs, blames his small stature then blames cops for trying to catch drunks. At least we know where he stands, if I was a voter in Springfield I would probably stand with Landon Laubhan’s opponent, Mike Bell.

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