Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Democrat Mike Frerichs Appeared on The Simpsons?!?!

Hey!  We knew that The Simpsons does cameos better than almost any show in the history of television, but also know they're renown for some 'inside baseball' political humor.

That's why we had to share this!

As you guys already know, Democrat candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs thinks pretty highly of himself (What...with the incessant flailing about with his whereabouts on Facebook), but we had no idea he was *this* important.  (We're frankly surprised we didn't see him bragging about this on social media already?!?)

A tipster passed us this photo and tells us that The Simpsons even included a Senator Mike Frerichs character.  Wow!  We're not sure, but we think the "Tall Tales" nickname stuck.

We're thinking that's some pretty good meme material.  We'll be making some with this image, but we're sure you can do better than we can here at the Truth Team.  Send us what 'ya got.

Also, to see Mike Frerichs in action, check out the live scene from The Simpsons.

The Simpsons - Tall Man in Car from Lucas Smitch on Vimeo.
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