Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan: Exposing Himself

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

In the midst of running a futile primary with no hope for the General Election, it has become quite clear that Bob Grogan is exposing himself. And as we paraphrase what the late Harold Ramis once wrote for Bill Murray to say “and you don’t want Bob Grogan exposing himself.”

Actually we are ok with Bob exposing himself, it makes for good blogging. You might be wondering what we are talking about and let me explain.

Most crap campaigns are run by people with nothing to lose, maybe somehow you win (odds .0000002%).  But...if you lose well you got your name out there, now you go back to selling insurance or hawking latex.

Bob Grogan on the other hand is holding public office, and one that pays him mighty fine if we do say so ourselves.   (Somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000.)  

And while I wouldn’t give up my blogging job for that chump change there are plenty of DuPage residents who wouldn’t mind being a do nothing auditor for that amount of cash.

Bob exposed himself in a careless and unbecoming way, even for a politician. Now everyone who pays attention knows Bob can’t spell, proofread, raise money, run a decent campaign, engage voters, etc.

And even worse, a job that no one ever thought to look at is exposed being pointless, three audits in 2012? Seriously, three audits. Who wouldn’t want that no show job? Or is it ghost payroll, I can never remember the difference, but I am not a CFE.

Bob had the world by the nuts and didn’t know it, decent job, good pay, no one pays attention to him and he screwed it all up. Granted still no one pays attention to him, but rest assured his next election for DuPage Auditor won’t be a cakewalk. In DuPage County, birthplace of the GOP primary challenge, someone (maybe even me! ...if I lower my standards) will step up to milk the taxpayer to become the next DuPage County Auditor. 
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