Monday, March 3, 2014

Keith Matune: A Rotarians Worst Nightmare

Special Interest Support from these guys?
Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

Special thanks to Illinois Review for posting candidate surveys on their site. Some of the surveys have really provided some insight into the candidates, some of it not so great for the candidates.

One in particular is Keith Matune who is running in the 81st Illinois House District, aka the race to ensure that only pure-bred Republicans that strictly follow the whimsies of an unelected platform committee hold office. Mr. Matune was nice enough to fill out the Illinois Review survey to allow voters a look at his beliefs, and wow...what a look it was.

Mr. Matune believes that children should not receive immunizations without the consent of their parents. No matter what the immunization is, no parents sign off, no immunization.

It makes me wonder if Mr. Matune is being bought off by "big iron lung manufacturing interests" or maybe a large leg brace conglomerate is backing his campaign.

For years groups like the Rotary and the March of Dimes have spent countless dollars promoting the use of vaccines and helping eradicating unbelievably dangerous diseases. Mr. Matune wants to throw it all away on his first day in office.

Some will say it should be a parent’s choice, but any parent who thinks that their child would be better off having the potential to get polio or smallpox than having a vaccine to prevent it should not be a parent. Unfortunately, with fear mongering, vaccine use has become controversial in some small minded circles that Mr. Matune might be pandering to.

So remember, if you believe that having American children once again get polio in 2014 is a laudable goal than Keith Matune is your candidate.
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