Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aaron Schock: "Nobody talks about my city that way! Chairman Levin's ass is grass!"

Play that clip up there.  Go ahead.  It is only a few seconds.  We'll wait.'re back?  Great.  

That's how we picture Congressman Aaron Schock reacting this week.

Why?  Because Congressman Schock is standing up for his hometown:  The City of Caterpillar.

From the Illinois Review:
Congressman Aaron Schock defended the biggest manufacturer in his district Tuesday after Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) scalded Peoria's Caterpillar during a Senate investigative panel. 
“I am unimpressed with Chairman Levin’s inquisition today, and with the partisan report he issued targeting a great American company like Caterpillar. Caterpillar’s effective tax rate of 29 percent far exceeds that paid by many other U.S. companies who escape the politicized investigations of Chairman Levin. And if compared to General Motors effective rate of zero, serious questions arise about the motive and methodology behind Chairman Levin’s one-sided investigation.

“The demonization of a great American company that is under constant IRS audit and remains in full compliance with U.S. tax law is beneath the dignity of the United States Congress, though I am thankful that Chairman Levin’s efforts do little to undermine American confidence in Caterpillar’s reputation or its more than 118,000 employees worldwide. The lasting reputation of Chairman Levin and his committee, on the other hand, may be another story.

Good for Aaron Schock.  Glad to see he's standing up for the company town.  If he doesn't, who will?

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