Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mike Frerichs Was *For* the Consolidation of the Treasurer/Comptroller Before He Was Against It. Now He's For It Again? (We think?)

There are plenty of faults one could point to about Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer.  Amongst them is the apparent and desperate need to have attention paid to him via his prattling on with Facebook and Twitter.

Frerichs' posting of his whereabouts and what-have-yous on Facebook eerily reminds us a bit of how Silvio feels about Jerry in this clip.  "Love me, shower me, pay attention to me!"  That's the vibe Mike is giving off on Facebook, isn't it?

But, the vanity/ego stuff on social media isn't that big of a deal.   What is?  Well..the biggest and potentially fatal fault that voters need to understand is that Mike Frerichs can't be trusted at his word.

He'll say anything and change his position on major issues depending on the audience just to get people to 'like him'.  (Just like Jerry in his man fur...)

The latest example of Mike Frerichs having no backbone and twisting in the wind is his change of mind on the issue of consolidating the offices of Illinois Treasurer and Illinois Comptroller.

Frerichs voted for the consolidation in 97th GA, SJRCA 13 and even reaffirmed his committment to the consolidation in a Daily Herald candidate survey.

From the Daily Herald:
Should the office of treasurer and comptroller be combined? 
Frerichs: In 2011 I voted to allow the taxpayers of Illinois to decide if we should merge the office of the Comptroller and Treasurer in a statewide referendum. This measure passed the Senate but never came for a vote in the House. With over 7,000 units of government in Illinois, elected officials must always look for ways to streamline government. 

But then last week, he went on WBBM Radio and said that he was against the consolidation.  He was afraid that if we do consolidate the two offices, Illinois would end up like Dixon Illinois.

Fine.  Change your mind once.  That's called "evolving position'.  But...changing your mind back?  That's called being a liar.

Flip Flops Work on This Guy About As Well as They Do for Mike Frerichs.  Voters are smart enough to see him for what he is:  a typical say-anything politician who will do whatever it takes to get elected.
Guess what Mike Frerichs did yesterday?  He changed his mind for the 3rd time.  He is now (if you believe him?) is *for* the consolidation.

In a piece titled: Frerichs again supports combining state’s treasurer, comptroller offices in the S-JR:
In the past, Frerichs has, too. He supported a constitutional amendment to merge the two offices in 2011, when the Senate passed the measure 55-0. The House never voted on it, but Frerichs said he supported the amendment because he trusted Illinoisans to make the decision. 
It was estimated at the time that combining the offices would save $12 million a year.But during an appearance on a radio show earlier this month in Chicago, Frerichs seemed to rein in that support when he was asked if the two offices should be combined. 
“People have said to me, ‘Wouldn’t it just be a lot more efficient if we just had one financial officer?’ And I’ve said yes, we could become very efficient, efficient like the city of Dixon, Illinois, who just had one chief financial officer and she was able, from this small little town, over several years to take something like $52 million away from them,” Frerichs said.
The Details:
“Once again, Mike Frerichs contradicts himself. Both in his voting record and submissions to press outlets, he has supported merging the office of comptroller and treasurer. Yet, just two weeks ago, he switched his position. This continues a trend of inconsistent statements by the Frerichs campaign which began with his campaign launch when he misled citizens about his record on key votes to end perks for politicians.”
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