Thursday, May 1, 2014

Illinois Treasurer's Candidate Mike Frerichs (Really) Bad Week Continues

We were just shared this image of Illinois Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs sobbing in the shower this morning.  

Why you ask?  Well...because his hometown newspaper (once again) took him behind the woodshed this morning.

In a piece called "Candidate Debate", the Champaign News-Gazette has this to say about local guy Mike Frerichs:
Champaign state Sen. Mike Frerichs, the Democratic Party nominee for state treasurer, faces Republican Tom Cross in the November election. 
But in the meantime, he's having a vigorous debate with himself about a mostly dormant proposal to merge the treasurer and the comptroller offices. 
He's for it one day, against it the next and for it the next. Frerichs' latest position, enunciated Tuesday in Springfield, is that he favors merger of the offices, a move that would save taxpayers an estimated $12 million. 
"If we can get those strong internal controls and checks and balances, then yes, I think we should take action to save money for the people of the state of Illinois," he said. 
But he gave a different answer a couple days earlier to Chicago radio station WBBM. 
"People have said to me, 'Wouldn't it just be a lot more efficient if we just had one financial officer?' And I've said yes, we could become very efficient, efficient like the city of Dixon, Illinois, who just had one chief financial officer and she was able, from this small little town, over several years to take something like $52 million away from them." 
Previous to those conflicting quotes, Frerichs was on record as favoring the merger, having voted in 2011 for a proposed constitutional amendment to put the question to the voters. 
But he clearly doesn't know what he really thinks, and, when candidates don't know what they believe, they say whatever seems convenient at the moment.

Emphasis, ours.

(BTW...who knew Mike was a 'never nude'?!?!)
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