Thursday, June 26, 2014

What Could State Senator Mike Frerichs Really Be Hiding?

Must be some really incriminating stuff, right?  Why else would Mike Frerichs have his stooges refuse to release information from his tenure as an Illinois State Senator?

The comments on the Capitol Fax post are pretty rich.  Check out some of these:
Wouldn’t they all be public records? What “private records” are the Senate holding on to?
Stupid politics by the Senate Dems. Makes it look like there’s something to hide. 
“Different chamber, different process, different lawyers.”
Different party… they could at least be honest with us and just say it’s political, that would be the decent thing to do. 
Just another example of why people have lost faith and trust in government at all levels.
Sorry, Mike.  The drumbeat on this issue is only getting stronger.  This isn't going away.  Transparency in our elected officials is on the top of every voter's mind.  What you're doing?  Stonewalling.

Those earmuffs you so clearly adore won't help you drown out the problems this has created for your campaign.

Whatever reason you're hiding this stuff has done more damage to your campaign that whatever is likely in those documents.

Add this to the pile of mistakes the Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign has made.

On second thought, those earmuffs might give you some comfort today.  Go ahead.  Put 'em on.  We won't tell anyone.
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