Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Finally Know Why Democrat Mike Frerichs Wears Earmuffs (We Think...)

By now, you likely know how much Democrat State Senator Mike Frerichs from Champaign loves to wear earmuffs.  You can see the history of his fashion choice here on this post from the Truth Team.

We've long wondered why a guy like Mike would purposely choose to wear those muffs.  We know he has made questionable choices with gear this year - like the time he wore a suit to a Habitat for Humanity build.  (Yes...a suit!  Not a tshirt and a work belt.  Not jeans.  Nope.  A suit!  Check out the backstory on his suit here.)

But the muffs?  We think we finally have an answer!  Turns out, he can't stand to hear all the clamor around his campaign about the mistakes he's made.  The easiest way to tune that stuff out?  Earmuffs, of course.  We were tipped this by one of our fine readers.

Mike Frerichs can pound away on his keyboard prattling on and on posting to his Facebook Wall, all the while wearing those earmuffs.  "I can't hear you...I can't hear you." that he's compounding his problems by first 'ducking' a debate?  And now refusing to release his records from the State Senate?  The noise is about to get worse, Mike.  Brace yourself.

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