Friday, June 6, 2014

Where Else Can Treasurer's Candidate Mike Frerichs Show Up Dressed Inappropriately?

We already know Democrat candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs is politically tone deaf.

He votes for his own raise.  He votes for an unbalanced budget.  Both bad moves politically.

But...what else does he do?  He shows up at a Habitat for Humanity build event in a suit.  A suit.

Check out our post here on the details and photos.

That got us wondering...where else have you seen Democrat Mike Frerichs show up dressed inappropriately?

Here's a .psd file with a transparent background of Mike 'Earmuffs' Frerichs in a suit that can help in your adventures.    Download it at this link.  Drop us a line at with your best work.

As luck would have it, one of our dear readers of the Illinois Truth Team was looking through their recent Spring Break photos and came across an odd photo.  Somehow - while they were taking photos of their kids at the waterpark - Mike Frerichs popped in there.  Guess what he was wearing?  It wasn't a "Swim" suit...  Look at that?!?  Looks like Mike even got a little bit of sunburn on his face out at the water park.  Good thing he was covered up otherwise.

Got any other ideas for where we could find Mike Fererichs these days?  Tell us via email.
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